Before recently heading out West, Amber Demeis spent most of her life in Pittsburgh, PA, where she was born. At a young age, Amber developed a huge love for art through her grandmother, a woman that Amber admired as an incredible water color artist specializing in floral and nature pieces, which in return, influenced Amber’s own artistic abilities in her similar creative nature art.

 Amber has been enjoying the craft of tattooing with 6 years experience, to include 2 years of apprenticeship and specializes in illustrative styles, black and grey, incorporated dot work and linear details within her art pieces. Using nature as a constant inspiration brings Amber much love and joy and with having just moved to Bishop, she agrees that there is certainly no lack of inspiring nature here, within the Eastern Sierras and the Owens Valley.

 Amber, 31 years old, spends most her spare time rock climbing with her partner Shane Smith and their shared dogs. If she’s not drawing, painting, tattooing or reaching higher sights on rocks, She’s found whipping up vegan recipes in their family camper.