ALLIANCE in definition means; “a union or association formed for mutual benefit, especially between countries or organizations” ~ in Alliance’s case, between the craft of tattooing and the communities it serves. Alliance carries that definition in bringing the tattooers together, to work in a union of partnership under a single banner and to encourage and stimulate creativity and growth among all. You can’t spell ALLiance, without the word ALL.

Alliance will have four, Full-time artist employed at Alliance with two available stations for continuing- visiting, guest artist.
With the direction and input of each client, Alliance’s artist create custom, as well as, original designs and will be the local area’s professional, personal tattoo experience with trusted products and sterile environments. All of Alliance’s team are Environmental¬†Health and Bloodborne Pathogen Certified. Alliance is striving to be the upmost of the fine art of tattooing and are willing to continue to learn and grow in their craft.

Chris Witty, 50, has enjoyed specializing in large, full body pieces, and can accomodate any style & size from over 25 years of involvment in worldwide and professional experiences in both the craft and business of Tattooing. Alliance will be his 4th business venture within the tattooing industry. He credits his success to the constant hard work and positive support of his entire family, since leaving college and dedicating to a 5 year apprenticeship, at the age of 22, in 1993. Chris has been passionate about all mediums of creative art and continues his passion for the craft of tattooing. He enjoys spontaneous- outdoor adventures, with his love of 6 years, Aime. He is very optimistic to begin a new chapter of ventures, with the amazing team of Alliance.